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How hard could writing a login form possibly be?
Not hard, at all. I've written dozens.

As I mentioned briefly in the last post, I started to write CatalystX::SimpleLogin.. This worked ok, but I then tried to refactor it as a set of traits you could automatically apply via config... At which point it all blew up, as if to remind me that writing anything really generically IS HARD WORK.

Witness the epic yak shaving exercise I then managed to indulge in, resulting in a Catalyst branch, new CatalystX::Component::Traits, new MooseX::Traits::Pluggable, new Catalyst::Controller::ActionRole, more patches on Catalyst::Action::REST, and last but not least new MooseX::MethodAttributes.

So all of this is going to block ::SimpleLogin from getting to CPAN for a while, and role combination with method attributes roles (which this really needs before I go much further) hasn't really gone anywhere since I last posted.

I should probably use this all as an excuse to stop hacking on CX::SimpleLogin any more, at least until I've finished the code for YAPC some.. :)

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Hehe, that has all the sound of someone just back from a trip down a rabbit hole.

Oh god, no - I gave up on the rabbit hole, but the fact it isn't on CPAN yet means that there is waaay more digging to do ;)

You were cursed the moment you named it 'Simple'...

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