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My continuing failure to finish anything.
I've totally failed to touch most of the stuff I blogged about last time.

I did, however, fix role combination with method attributes, however it's not going to see the light of day in it's present form.

rafl is currently writing the nasty hack I did on Moose to get it working a little more properly, for his overloading in roles support stuff.. Once he's doing that, making the solution in methodattributes should become a lot more elegant, and I should be able to clean it up a lot generally.

In other exciting news, there is now prior art for actionroles on the CPAN, which is a newer, nicer way to do generic things on a per-action basis (rather than ActionClass, of which you may have only one).

YAPC is coming awful awful fast, so I guess I really need to finish the code I'm talking about there, but I keep getting distracted by other shiny things, such as zby's ideas about a set of CatalystX::Elements, and the two of us and stefan48 appear to be prototyping one on github.

Patches, of course, welcome :)


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