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First post (in ages)
Hi anyone still reading ;)

So blogging about my life and random crap has died a fair death, and I'm not really interested in starting again. However, I'm doing enough Open Source stuff that there's plenty to write about there, so I'm going to steal this account for blogging about that sort of stuff - mst having got the Iron Man (rant) thing off the ground (finally) has given me the appropriate kick in the pants to start.

This is most likely to be a series of lists of what I've been hacking on, and link love to other people's shit I find interesting, I don't see myself having time for massive essays generally - therefore, apologies in advance..

So, if you're not interested in perl or Catalyst, then you should probably de-friend me now..

On my Catalyst 5.8 list this week, mostly the third 90%, all of which I planned but failed to get done this weekend:

Phew, that's fairly stacked up, doubt I'll get through it all, especially as I've been totally neglecting my super sekrit project recently, and actually need to do some serious hacking on that also..

Signing off, as I'm now late for work (even given Monday morning). :/

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my sentiments exactly.

Correct. Changed down a gear or two job wish, and so had muchos more free time to hack open sores.. :)

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